October 21, 2009

What I Love...and what I want...Wednesday

I hate shopping for clothes. Wait. Strike that. I hate trying on clothes while shopping. Hate it. Detest it. I will go for months without buying new anythings because my body has changed a little since the last time I bought a {insert clothing item here} and I really just don't want to try on a new {clothing item} to see what size I need. Also, as much as I hate trying things on, I really really hate returning things, so I just don't shop much at all. Ever, really.

Except at TarJay, and usually then only for shoes. Really though, the TarJay clothes always seem to fit me, no matter what size I randomly grab. I heart you, Big Red Bulls-eye Store.

Sunday I got anxious and needed to go spend some cash (that makes me sound like a total asshole, I realize) so I went out and got these:

...and a pair of suede green flats and a pretty gray sweater, that I can't post here b/c even though I heart TarJay, their website hates me and won't let me pick up the images. Gar. But cute, right?

Also, I stopped at VS since I had a coupon (yay!) and I got this:

HOLY CRAP, this stuff smells so good. I went through a Marc by Marc Jacobs phase in college - loved the perfume. This smells JUST LIKE Marc. I loooove it. So does SK, so, bonus!

Now, onto what I want...for Christmas. Disregard (this post). I was maybe on drugs. Or at least drunk. Maybe just tired. Just forget it, ok?

I really want this camera:

It's an instant camera that produces little credit card-sized images! So in love. I covet this camera.

Also, some of this:

I have a Polaroid camera from the 80's that I jacked from my parent's house, but alas, I have no film. I am obsessed with Polaroids and really really want to use that little camera. And, good news! Turns out Polaroid listened to it's loyal fans and will start producing the film again. Yay!

Aaaaand I'd like this:

Because it's so pretty. And would look badass in my kitchen. And I am CONVINCED I would bake more if I had this gadget. Cross my heart.

What do YOU want for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

I go through a couple bottles of marc by marc jacobs a year! So I'll will be checking that out.

On my list is a kischenaid mixer and that camera. I've alreay put in my request lol.

Ill do your shopping for you its 85 per hour but ill hook you up =)

Cheryl Ann said...

Update How She Wore It!! Love that blog.

Fo' real - the VS perfume smells just like MJ. I was bra shopping and sauntered by the display table and my head was immediately on a swivel, trying to locate that scent! LOVE.

Summer said...

I have a list of my own....I need to get on that post myself!!!


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