October 19, 2009

October is for (booby) Lovers

With all the hoopla of Halloween - which, by the way, used to be my most favorite of holidays until I started working and didn't get the day off, should it fall during the week - it's easy for all other worries and cares to fall by the wayside this month. After all, we're starting to hurtle full-speed into the holiday season and life is going to be a little more fast-paced for all until January rolls around again.

Over here, though, in my little corner of the InterWeb, I'd like to take a moment to slow down. Slow down and recognize the TaTa's, y'all.

My grandmother and an aunt (both on my mom's side) are breast cancer survivors. SURVIVORS. But even though they came out of the war with their cancers in remission, the battles they fought and the treatment they received are very much a part of them, every day. Because the disease is so prevalent in my family, all us girls are diligent about getting our annual checkups. Their battles are a part of all of us.

In honor of those who have won, who have lost, and for ALL who have fought, I'd like to dedicate today's post to all things pink and spooky. Boo!

Creepy little pumpkin head.

Its the cat's claws that make this one so weird and scary.

I heart Nightmare Before Christmas!

Go HERE to read about how I was a witch on Halloween for like, 7 years straight.

Skull prints. LOVE.

Gross! Spiders creep me right the heck out.

Seemingly cute pink bear, until you notice the claws - is that blood?!

Imagine a world without breast cancer...

Photo credits here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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