September 16, 2009

What I Love Wednesday

I am obsessed with photos of bubbles!! So happy and sparkly - reminds me of picnics and warm breezes and sunset. Also, dogs and bubbles? Hilarious!

Photo by Stansich

Photo by Dangeri

Photo by Just85

Balloons also make my heart leap a little right now. Anyone ever been hot air ballooning? I am afraid I would pass out.

Photo by gbatistini

Photo by DarwinBell

Photo by Betti

Also? Disneyland. A summer without Disneyland isn't a real summer, in my opinion. I haven't had a REAL summer in a long time...

Photo by TonyBoyTran

What are your favorite things today?


MC said...

I adore the second photo! Beautiful capture! I love playing bubbles with my dog - it's so entertaining and they just love it. A Flickr friend of mine told there are peanut butter flavored bubbles out there - as if they needed more encouragement

Cheryl Ann said...

i am totally going to look for the pb flavored bubbles. my dog will FLIP OUT!

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