September 18, 2009


Tonight I am getting together with 10 of my girlfriends from college to have an awesomely fun girl's night/slumber party. It's been over 4 years since I have been in the same room with all of these girls, and I am so excited!

We were all in a sorority together - varying years - and some of my favorite memories from my college years involve all of us together, strewn about on living room furniture, rehashing the previous night's happenings and laughing so hard we cried.

Groups of 2 or 3 of us lived together in apartments and houses spread out over Seguin throughout our 4 years, and the last summer I was in town, we decided we should all rent a house - make it an unofficial sorority house. There were 10 of us in there at one point and really, we should have known better, because OH THE DRAMA. Also, the house was like, 700 years old and literally falling apart around us, so yeah, not the wisest decision. Still, when I moved out to become an adult and come home to find a job, I bawled my head off for half the drive to Houston because all I could think about was how lonely my mornings were going to be without all of them to talk to.

Some of them are married, some have kids, some are still in Seguin and some have done amazing things in the last 4 years. I am blessed to have a group of women like them in my life and I am so excited to be able to spend some time with all of them again.

"I get by with a little help from my friends..." - John Lennon

photo credit chezzee

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