January 28, 2009

Of course it is...

I have recently become pretty obsessed with DIY projects and redecorating our house. Yeah, I know that the combination of "DIY" and "home redecoration" might inspire feelings of vomitous horror in some. For me, though, I think handmade stuff adds character and can really warm up a house. Also, I like for people to have interesting and unique stuff to look at and play with when they come over for dinner and a night of Wii.

I saw an ad somewhere for this book and immediately went out and bought it and spent a solid 3 hours at home that same night, curled up on the couch with it, planning design schemes for the rooms we didn't touch when we moved into the house in May.

Did I mention that? We moved into the house in May, repainted the whole (almost) inside of the thing, and have decorated our rooms according to the original color pallettes we chose. Now I am itching to get the untouched rooms done. And possibly redo some of the finished ones. I know, I know - SK agrees with you - I AM SO WEIRD.

Along with the book came a free subscription to the magazine and I sent the voucher in the very next day, super stoked and feeling like I was getting such a great deal. I have been anxiously awaiting my first issue.

Today, I read this:

On the heels of House & Garden and Blueprint, Domino is folding, according to today's WWD. The March issue will be the last.


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