January 11, 2009

2009 - Year of the Photo

For Christmas in 2006 (I think...? Might have been my bday in '07...) SK bought me a fancy digital camera that was super cute and took great pictures and was small enough to fit nicely in whatever purse or clutch I chose to use for the night.

It also was small enough to fall out of my purse, unnoticed, while on the flight from Houston to Las Vegas in February of '08.

Cute Camera was never recovered. Sad for me, but likely happy for Cute Camera as I would imagine it is now a possession of some bubbly flight attendant who takes it on all her international adventures, so Cute Camera is hopefully seeing way more cool shit with Bubbly Flight Attendant that it would have if it had lived a long and not as exciting life with me.

Don't cry for me, though, dear Internet. While much of 2008 went undocumented (save for pictures taken via camera-phone) for SK and I, we have now rectified the issue and bought ourselves a fancy-schmancy new DSLR that I am so in love with, it's a little ridiculous. I am learning to use all the different features and my passion for photography has been revived.

I took a photojournalism class in high school, and then a few more photo classes in college, but the hobby died out when I graduated and started working full-time. I am working to make time for it again and am trying to get better at looking at things creatively - I am back into photography, and I am super stoked.

This year, I have already taken something like 500 pictures, which is awesome, but since I am so busy snapping away, I haven't had time to get them organized on the computer, or up here on The Blog. THAT, I fear, will take much more time and discipline than I care to think about right now. I have gotten a few loaded on, though, so here you go - enjoy!

Grandpa and The Queen. We had a bbq at our house the day after Christmas so that GiGi (SK's g-ma), who was visiting from St. Louis, could see our house. This is my favorite picture of the day.

Me, Keith and Chandra on New Year's Eve. Again, party at our house. This is before things started to get really wild. And, yes, I know that if I am IN the picture it is highly unlikely that I TOOK the picture, but this was a product of the new camera, so shut up.

Uncle SK and Queenie. She came by to say hello on NYE, too. I bought her that outfit, ps.

Keith and SK, in our living room. This was just a random night over the holiday break. Keith looks drunk. SK looks smug. Both everyday looks for them.

And again, here is Miss Bella. As if you haven't seen enough of her already. Just a warning - lots more of The Dog to come in 2009.


Chandra Lynn said...

"Grandpa and The Queen" is honestly one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen in my life. You can't help but smile when you look at it.

Zen Ventures said...

I love the 1st picture too. It captured so much life in it. Just wonderful!

Zen Ventures

EMILY S CRAWFORD, photographer. said...

Give YOU lessons on how to use your camera???!!! My dear, it seems you are doing just fine with no help by me! :) I LOVE the picture of Grandpa and baby...these are the shots that people cherish...capturing the moment. Keep at it, girl--all my encouragement!! :)

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