January 6, 2009

Just one more thing to help my battery die

I just got Twitter to update from my phone.


I understand that being this excited about this development is totally nerdy, but really? Do you know me? If so, you understand.

I still have pictures to post from Christmas and NYE and apparently sometime over the holidays I became obsessed with taking photos of our niece, so there is a nice slideshow coming up on her too, but right now I am totally content to Twitter my heart out from my Crackberry.

You wish you were cool like me.


Mama Kat said...

I can't text...so twitter on my cell would be a completely frustrating experience.

That being said, if you are a fan of reality television you MUST watch the Bachelor this season. It's delicious. A wonderful waste of time. :)

SuZ said...

I have no cell to tweet... I should change that, shouldn't I?

And speaking of reality, if you really want to waste some time watch Rock of Love. Spectacular waster of time! :)

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