December 29, 2008

What a wonderful world...except not for Bambi

Ahhh.  What a life I have.  I am lying in bed, covered up with my fluffy comforter, watching Anthony Bourdain, Bella curled up next to me.  

Oh yeah, can't forget the sweet fact that I am also capable of BEING CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET while in this ridiculously comfortable position.  

I am totally bragging, I know.  I try not to do it often, though.  And I am just so flippin' stoked about my new computer - I really can't help myself, and I'm sorry.

However, lest you think I am just living an insanely charmed life full of "xoxo's" and sugar and spice and everything nice, let me assure you that all is not completely right with my chi ("you're fucking up my chi" - name that movie).  

SK is out tonight.  Not that that is a big deal.  We have our own lives and go out without the other.  It keeps us sane and balanced and ultimately serves as a reminder of how much we both like to have the other around.  So he's out.  I'm not whining.  He will be out all night.  He will be out until probably sometime around 1 or 2pm tomorrow, at which time he will return to the house tired, smelly and maybe a little bit more wild and manly.  Why, you ask?

SK is hunting.


He is on his way to get up before sunrise and shoot stuff.  

My world has just been flipped upside down.

Now, I am not an advocate for the NRA or anything, but I am not against hunting.  I think that if it's your thing, then it's your thing.  As long as you do it legally and aren't wasteful with the animals you hunt, you and I are square.  It's just not something I ever in a million years imagined SK being interested in.

Just goes to show ya that even after living with a person for a few years and thinking you know everything about them, they can still shock the hell out of you.

I am afraid that this first hunting trip is going to be like getting a tattoo - once you've experienced it, you don't want to stop.  You crave the sensation and dream of the next time you'll get to feel it again.  I am afraid that he will come home and start to have fantasies of being in the woods, chasing a deer down and doing it in with his bare hands, wearing nothing but a loincloth.  

Do me a favor tonight, Internet; say a little prayer to whatever higher power you dig that SK makes it home ok and intact.  My neighbor, the instigator of this whole event, is an experienced hunter and promised to keep him safe and not let him shoot his eye out.  I told him he better because having SK in the hospital for the next few days would really fuck up my New Year's Eve plans.

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Chandra Lynn said...

SK is HUNTING?? Never thought he'd be the kind. How did it go?

You should've called me - I would have totally come over to hang out. But then again, sometimes a quiet night by yourself (plus dog) is the perfect way to relax. Just don't forget that I'm your NEIGHBOR now (!!!) and I can be there in 2 minutes. ;)

*ps - I'm beginning to comment more on your blog than actually posting on mine. eh, it happens.

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