December 28, 2008

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...

I appreciate all the comment love I have gotten this week, via SITS.  You all really made me feel special and although I have been a jerk and haven't yet visited all of you in return, know that I will.  This week is about catching up on the replies and paying it forward by visiting more blogs.  

I have spent this week hanging out with family and enjoying the break from work.  I get back into my regular routine tomorrow, with a quick break mid-week for our New Year's Eve party.  We're expecting anywhere from 20 to 40ish people, so I'll report back about THAT on Thursday or Friday.  Hopefully, I will even remember to use my snazzy new camera and I will have pictures to post.  Not like last night, when I completely forgot to bust it out and capture some memories.

My younger brother, Vinny, left for boot camp today.  He will be joining the Air Force, and I am so proud of him.  We threw him a going-away party last night at my parent's house and it was a great success.  Most of our best friends from high school were there, minus a few that were out of state or sick.  People I haven't seen in years showed up to see Vinny off and wish him well on his newest adventure.  He had a great time and was stoked to see so many friends.  

A great night with family and friends.  Lots of fun and laughter.  The last night with my little brother, the civilian, before he returns my little brother, the Airman.  Not a single effing photo.  

Sometimes, I suck real bad. 


Shalee Clark said...

I hate when I forget my camera. Last thanksgiving it was my cousin's wedding in California and I totally forgot my camera! Not a single picture to show for it. I was not a happy camper.
Just steal someone else's memory card from the party. Maybe they got some good shots.

Chandra Lynn said...

It was a great time - sorry I couldn't stay longer. Vinny will be missed while at Boot Camp, but we're all so proud of him!!

See you Wednesday night lady. I'll be there with my sparkling grape juice (gotta love being sober sister) and I'll definitely remind you to bust out the new camera! xoxo

Chandra Lynn said...
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