December 23, 2008

Snowy snow snow

Not TODAY, unfortunately.

These are photos from last week's snow fest! It coated everything (except the ground) and turned the outside white for a few hours. I doubt it will snow again anytime soon, considering today it was 70 degrees out, but a girl can dream.

Probably the only time in my life (in TX) that we will have a roof that resembles snow-peaked mountains. See the snowflakes in the air?? I was so stoked.

Here is our back patio furniture, with a good inch or so of icy powder covering it all. Our chairs don't match. Whatever. Don't judge me.

Here is Bella being freaked out by the snow, but not so freaked out that she won't try a bite. Nom nom nom.

Aaaaaand here is Bella, trying to get the fuck out of Dodge. She'd had enough and was looking at me like I was insane for wanting to be outside with the camera. I could call her a wimp, but in her defense I DID have socks on.


Julia said...

My animals would just freak the F-out if they had to deal with snow. Loved the choir. Congrats on SITs sauciness!

Tina said...

I tried diong the same with my Bella last week when we had snow here in hell.. i mean Las Vegas. She wasnt' having any part of it. It took serious muscle action just to get her to go outside instead of turning my hallway into her own personal restroom.

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