April 25, 2008


SK is babysitting this morning. Deb had to go take care of an old traffic ticket and didn't want to go through the whole process of taking baby Ryan down to the courthouse with her so she asked me on Wednesday if SK or I possibly had the day off today. I told her that with the way work is going right now there was no way I could take the day off, but she should ask SK and just see. I knew he would say yes...he is so in love with that little baby girl, there is no way he would have said no ;) So she asked and lo and behold, guess who is taking the day off work to hang with his niece?

He got over to the house at about 6:15 this morning so that Deb could show him where all Ryan's stuff was and how to make her bottles and all that jazz. I called him at 7 when I was leaving for work.

"How ya doing over there?"

"Fine (big yawn) , but she's not sleeping like Deb said she would be."

"Oh no? So what are you guys doing?"

"I'm doing nothing. She's being all...squirmy."


"Yeah...squirmy...she's being squirmy."

"Hmmm...ok...so what time will Deb be home?"

"I don't know..."

**At this point I can hear Ryan in the background, making little noises and starting to whimper a little. SK starts talking again with a little panic in his voice.

"Shit, I gotta go. Now she's being squirmy AND making noise. No kids for us. EVER. This is already too much for me."


Heidi Thompson said...

that's enough to make you want one right? how cute is that!?!

KAREN! said...


Sorrelle said...

Men are so to the point. I was once holding a friends kid and the baby started crying I asked her to turn it off...I am with Saul.

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