April 3, 2008

Some things never change...

I am the worst procrastinator ever. It’s really ridiculous. I will wait until the last minute to do almost everything.

If there is a major natural disaster? Yeah, I am not your go-to girl. I will definitely be one of the sad few scrambling around the local AM/PM, fighting a child for that fruit pie she just picked up because there is nothing left to eat and I waited until NOW to try and horde a stash.

You can call me a planner, but “prepared in advance” has never been a phrase tossed in my direction. I far prefer the idea of being ready and prepared to the actual act.

Which is why I found myself sitting at the dining room table this morning, hair wet, eyes barely open, reviewing the reports I should have evaluated LAST NIGHT.

I had vivid flashbacks of sitting in the kitchen of my last college house, at dawn, frantically flipping through an entire notebook of anatomy terms. It was my last class EVER and I had to pass to get my degree. I wasn’t in any real danger of failing the course, but I was in serious trouble for the final that was in 2 hours that I hadn’t studied for because “I can do it tomorrow” made the test always sound so far away. Suddenly, tomorrow had become now and there I sat, panicked, trying to figure out a way to remember all of the bones in the hands, vowing to never ever wait until the last minute to do anything ever again.

Obviously, the lessons learned in college have totally stuck with me.

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