April 7, 2008

Early morning carbs

I received this e-mail from SK at 8:09 this morning:
So, I was still getting ready this morning and I heard Bella clinking some metal around in the den. What could that have been? I yelled for her. She came running in to the bathroom quickly as though she'd been caught. What was the noise though? Can't really beat her, I mean, punish her if I have no reason. I looked at dog to ask her. No need though. She had mashed potato on her face, stuck in her hair. Idiot had dug her face into the last remains of baked potato on the plate in the den. Busted.
I started laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Such a smart dog, our Bella.


Chandra Lynn said...

Hella Bella strikes again! ;)

KAREN! said...

aww bella. i love mashed potatoes too! btw, my cats will eat anything-- and since they are small, they climb up on the chairs and get on your shoulder to get close to what you're eating! sneaky sneaky

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