November 28, 2007

A Very Matty Birthday

So I’m a day late. Not unusual with me. Sorry, Matt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway!

You’ve been my friend for somewhere in the range of 8 years now and I can’t imagine my life with you in it. You started out as the ONE guy in the group that never made fun of me…oh, how times have changed.

You’ve stolen my car (numerous times), lived at my house, and made road trips to Seguin…in the middle of the night. I got you drunk for the first time when I abandoned you with the baseball boys before St. Patty’s in ‘03. My bad, dude. I still have the dolphin that you and Keith and Scott got me for my 17th birthday, along with all of the memories from the Spring Break trip in Padre.

You’ve become part of my family and I love you tons! I’m so very thankful that our friendship has stayed strong for this long.

Happy birthday, Gallagher!

I would have made you a cake to commemorate the special day, but we all know you wouldn’t have eaten it anyway… ;)

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