November 15, 2007

So I'm a little slow...

Here is the the official Halloween picture (finally) of our little household. I'm thinking this would make a fabulous Christmas card. I was decked out to look like an 80's chick, thanks to Chandra and her Never-Ceases-to-Amaze-Me wardrobe. SK was Speed Racer, a costume he has had for a few years. Like the slippers? Yeah, he wore those to walk across the stage at his COLLEGE GRADUATION. Mmm hmm.

Happy (late) Halloween from Cheryl, Bella and Speed!
**Notice the drool all around Bella's mouth hole in her ghost costume. That's because until about 5 seconds prior to this picture being taken, she didn't HAVE a mouth hole. It was pretty gross.

1 comment:

KAREN! said...

also-- you need to blog the part 2 version of your story about your car getting hit!! i am DYING to know

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