February 16, 2011

The weekend, in pictures

Friday nights, while Saul is out in the city somewhere, coaching his soccer team to inevitable victory (durr - he is the greatest coach ever), I am usually hanging out with friends or enjoying the evening in. With wine, of course.

Also, this chick.

Saturday, I gave myself a mani/pedi.
I hate salons. I hate other people touching my feet. Also, the leg massages? They don't feel that awesome to me. More like torture, really.

We met up with some friends downtown at the Flying Saucer and had some delicious beer and food.

They have like, over 300 beers available at this place, and you can become part of the UFO Club by drinking 200 of them. You get your name on a saucer which goes on the wall, if you complete the challenge.

There are a shit ton of saucers on the walls.

Mmmm....Alaskan smoked salmon sandwich with jalapeno pesto-cream cheese, red onion, tomato, Swiss cheese, capers and lettuce on marble rye. With a pickle!

Saul and I bid the friends adieu and then it was off to Lucky Strike for some post-dinner, pre-concert cocktails.

And then on to House of Blues for Amos Lee!!! When we first started dating, Saul introduced me to his music and I was instantly in love. We used to hang out, drink, and listen to his album over and over. This was the second time we've seen him live and the concert was amazing.

Sunday, I got to take pretty pictures of one of my favorite families EVER.

This little stinker is seriously one of my favorite kids on the planet. And if you know me, I really only say that about family members, but I'm pretty sure me and his mom were meant to be related, so it works.

Hope your weekends were great, your V-Days were full of love (and champagne, like mine...hehe), and your Hump Day is FAST!

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bananas. said...

holy crap that salmon sandwich is so up my alley! like i need more food in my belly after me-hee-co jeez! i'm such a porker!

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