February 4, 2011

Ice, ice baby!

If you've watched the news at all this week, you know there is some freaky shit happening in the southern US - namely, we're all freezing our freaking asses off.

The city pretty much started shutting down yesterday afternoon, even though nothing had happened yet. Overnight rain, sleet and snow swept through the area and we all woke up to rather frosty conditions.

No snow in our area, but everything is covered in a layer of ice. The roads are a mess, and the big toll road that loops around the city is completely shut down.

I am at home, working in my living room, watching the news and sitting in front of the fireplace. If you're out in this nasty stuff today, stay warm and drive safely.

I can't freaking wait until summer.

Saul's car, covered in ice

Not grilling anything tonight!

Temperature is below freezing...

I almost bit it, trying to walk on the deck to get this picture.

The whole left side of that tree is covered in ice


drollgirl said...

burr! so glad you are being smart and safe and staying inside! the weather is bonkers in so much of the country. but it is 68 here. lol. sorry! yes i am a jackass for telling you that!

have a super weekend!

bananas. said...

can i be a jackass too b/c it was in the 70's and in some parts 80's this weekend! god i love living in california :)

hope you had a fab weekend lady!

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