January 6, 2011

Think Thin Thursday...it's back!!

Is it just me, or does looking at your workout plan for the week on Monday just exhaust the hell out of you? Checking in on Thursday to see how I've done and look back on the last 3 days and see the progress I've made and the goals I've stuck to is much more satisfying, and actually helps me keep up the good habits through the weekend (sometimes).

Think Thin Thursday went away for a while...my bad. Saul and I had really specific goals to reach by November of 2010, and when we reached them (well, almost...but I was super happy with what I had achieved), we fell off the wagon. Like, hard.

Basically, I LEAPED the fuck off that bad boy, gave it the finger and then scarfed down 35 Twinkies.

So I am picking back up on the running, going for at least 2 miles per day, which might not sound like a lot, but to go from nothing for a few months to 2 miles everyday is kind of a big deal for me. Also, I am focusing more on bringing my mile time down - my immediate goal is a 10-minute mile. Baby steps, guys. Baby steps.

Y'all, I am NOT a runner. I am a person who runs. Primarily, so I don't end up weighing 372 lbs. I don't particularly like it, although I don't hate it (like I hate Spinning...I loathe that shit). I think I could grow to really enjoy it, but I haven't really stuck with it long enough to make it a consistent part of my life. I run a few times a week, then get bored with it and throw in some 30-Day Shred action, and then sometimes don't do anything for weeks at a time. I'm working on running correctly - I lean forward like WOAH - and breathing right. Mostly though, I am working on just MAKING IT HAPPEN daily.

I am the Queen of Excuses. Seriously - if ever you need to justify why you shouldn't do something, come to me. I can come up with an excuse for anything. It's hot. It's cold. It's kind of foggy. It's scary in the dark. It's too humid. My ear hurts. I really should catch up on my correspondence. I need to research Bali in case I ever want to go there someday.

I am a machine.

To curb this annoying tendency, I have found that writing down how much I plan to run in my planner (all hail the planner!) before I run makes me more motivated to actually do it. Saul and I have a calendar in our room that we use to chart what we did for the day. We would each write on it before we went to sleep - "S: P90X Shoulders/Back...C: 30-Day Shred" - so that we could keep track of what we'd done for the month. It was easy to skip a day if he skipped a day. It was really easy to skip a day and just leave it blank, and then tell myself I would make it up later. Writing down "Run 2.13 miles," which is the length of the course I run in the neighborhood, at 9am causes me to think about it and prepare for it all day. It's always on my mind, and I get kind of psyched up, sometimes even writing down new songs I want to download when I get home to run to that night. Also, it makes it feel super shameful to cross out that little note in my planner when I don't follow through. There are no lies in the planner, people. It tells the truth!

I think I am on the right track, for now. I am focused and have been feeling good. I am confident that I can keep it up, and while this isn't a New Year Resolution per se, having a solid fitness goal for myself is really motivating.

Excuses, exshmuses!


rinniez said...

Think Thin Thursday is such a great idea, feeling pretty happy i stumbled across your blog right now!
Keep up the fitness, enough of those excuses lol.

drollgirl said...

girl, i can come up with excuses like crazy to avoid working out. i am trying to do 4-5 workouts a week. this week i haven't been so great. it is a struggle, and it really shouldn't be because it makes me feel great and look better...but, sometimes i am just SO FUCKING LAZY! gah! it is tricky, but i am going to try harder!

i also write on the calendar each time i work out and for how long, and i add a smily face. it is good to see a calendar loaded with smiley faces so i need to GET ON IT! :)


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Think Thin Thursday! What a wonderful idea. I love running so much, it relieves stress for me tremendously. But I can never go because it's too cold and we dont have a treadmill. It makes me sad so I have to either do my pilates dvd or my latino dance video haha.

Good luck with getting back into the routine of things!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

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