January 5, 2011

Maybe just a little OCD about planning

Ahhhh....a new year. New goals, new travels, new experiences. I'm excited about it all, but what I am most thrilled about every single January is one very simple thing. One very simple, but one VERY necessary thing...

...a new planner!!!

Um, no...I'm not kidding.

Seriously, you guys, I would be lost without my planner. I keep EVERYTHING in it and it's how I stay (semi) organized.

I know, I know...there are a bunch of way more high-tech ways to stay organized and keep dates in check, but really, this is what works for me and I love it! I love filling it up with our fun plans, keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries, and being able to look at my life, a month or a week at a time.

I am a freak like that, and I'm ok with it.

I am such a plan-maker. It used to blow Saul's mind that when asked in March, I could rattle off plans I'd already made for September. Seriously - his eyes used to bug out of his head. Now, he just rolls his eyes and laughs when someone asks him what our plans are for any given weekend, and then he directs them to me ;).

Right now the planner has birthdays, some anniversaries, and a few weddings, but that's it! So many open weekends to fill. So many vacations to chart out. So many possibilities.

Bring it on 2011...I'm ready!


J. said...

I am the same way. I was SO excited to buy a new planner for 2011- and my boyfriend just didn't get it.

bananas. said...

i too am the same way. i can add events and such to my phone but uh yea...not a fan.

either way, 2011...bring it.

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