January 25, 2011


I have a good friend who, in a weirdly fortunate turn of events with her employer, is now going into business for herself. She's terrified and overwhelmed, but determined and hopeful. I know she will be successful (she doesn't really know how to fail), because she is awesome and dur - I'm not friends with losers.

Watching her take a hobby and turn it into a business is totally inspiring and I am so thrilled for her that she gets to do something she truly, truly loves each day. It makes me want to turn my little hobby into a full-time job...maybe someday ;)

Taking the steps to announce on my blog that I was actively trying to get in shape was a bit scary for me. As anyone who browses my site can see, I don't have a ton of traffic over here, but I do know that a few people each day read, and to make the declaration that I would lose weight is kind of a big deal to me. I don't often try things I think I am going to suck at, because a) why? and b) clearly I am just not too adventurous. As I mentioned above, I do have a project I am quietly working on, on the side, but it hasn't gained much ground and I am hesitant to make a big bold statement about it because what if it flops? I'll get over that fear eventually, I am sure, but I am not there yet. So in the wings, there I'll be, until I am brave enough or inspired enough to do big things with my little hobby.

If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true
~ Cinderella ~

Listen with your heart, you will understand
~ Pocahontas ~

Nothing's impossible
~ Alice in Wonderland ~

Even miracles take a little time
~ Fairy Godmother ~

Always let your conscience be your guide
~ Jiminy Cricket ~

They say if you dream a thing more than once, it's bound to come true
~ Briar Rose ~

Reach for the sky!
~ Woody ~

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drollgirl said...

dude. it is a bold move to venture out and take a stab at taking a gamble at something you love. kudos to your friend, and kudos to you! every now and again i think i want my own business, but i chicken out. i don't have the money, and i am kind of a slacker which is NOT what a successful business owner is! but maybe someday. maybe! :)

bananas. said...

i'm no help in this department...part of the reason why i haven't commented. no words of advice from this here banana. but i always say, do what you love and if that means taking risks, all the better!

hey that sounded like words of advice...go me!

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