March 29, 2010

Gimme a "K!" ***Updated

33 days til the wedding, peeps. 33 DAYS!

Things are coming together nicely, and even though I only have 2 weekends in town between now and then because I am a scheduling MONSTER, I am confident it will all be great.

The weekend before last was our Stock the Bar party, and despite my best efforts to ditch out, my wedding shower. I am happy to report I didn't die of Bridal Showeritis, and that it was actually quite fun. My best girls know me well, and planned the events perfectly, without any big fanfare or lame-ass games.

The interesting development from that wedding is the crazy obsession I now have with all things monogrammed. Seriously, y'all - I've always liked thinking about my new last name, but now, I am IN LOVE with K's. Is this normal??

Things I am loving right now (imagine they are all K's):

****EDIT: I had a BUNCH of cute monogrammed stuff in here, and I highlighted all the fabulous Etsy shops in which I found them, but when I published for the first time, something happened to my blog design and it got all effed up, so I had to remove the photos to make the world right again. Sorry Etsy'ers...I will show you love sometime soon, when I can do so without destroying my layout. I am HTML-retarded.

Carry on.

I don't remember where this one came from, but LOVE the idea!

I'm not going to lie...I am a little sad to be giving up Wittmann. I can't imagine when saying my new last name will feel normal. I am excited, though, and have been practicing my signature ;)

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Melody said...

This is so cute. I had a hard time with my new name too, and it did take awhile before it would "roll off my tongue." However, now I do a double-take if I hear Melody Holder. It sounds wrong. Weird, right? Give it time. :)

I'm SO excited for you, and I look forward to hearing all about (and of course, I expect to see some pictures too...) Have fun and enjoy yourself!!

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