March 7, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

...a whole bunch of people who have been in a whole bunch of movies that I haven't seen. Like, not even one of them. Ok, that's a lie - I have seen "Up," which is the only animated movie nominated for Best Picture, which clearly says something about my maturity level. just won Best Animated Picture! Yay cartoons.

My favorite part of the Oscars is always the red carpet coverage before the show. I love seeing all the beautifully dressed actors and actresses. I also love seeing the fashion train wrecks that show up, and I love love LOVE listening to the short interviews that are given. Blows my mind that people who can be so brilliant on screen manage to sound like complete fucking neanderthals during a 3-minute interview with Sherri Shepherd. Really? It's Sherri Shepherd. The most complex thing she is going to ask during your time together is who you're wearing. Get it together, Hollywood.

It's 42 minutes into the actual awards show and I am still paying attention - HOLY SHIT, Robert Downey Jr., YOU LOOK AWESOME WITH THAT FLOPPY BOW TIE (sickly little mole people? god, i love you) - which means 2 things: a) the opening act was amazing, as anything starring Neil Patrick Harris in a sequined tux always will be and b) Miley Cyrus presenting an award, surprisingly, didn't make me want to hurl the remote control at the television screen (she was kind of funny with her "we're both pretty nervous!" thing...although, Amanda Seyfried looked like she had her shit completely under control, just sayin').

Ok, minute 48...what the hell kind of drugs is Molly Ringwald on?

My favorite dresses

Mixed Feelings

Totally not feeling the shoes. I'm no fashionista, but they look too chunky to be paired with such a light, delicate dress.

It CRACKS ME UP when actresses who are nominated for Best Actress wear gold. Trying to be subtle, much? She looks beautiful, but I just can't get past the "Give it to me!" gold.

I love the top. LOVE. But the bottom? Looks like frosting. Like, messy frosting. I don't know. Not my favorite. Also, not attractive when she has to hike up each side to walk down to the mic to present. Yuck.

I highly doubt I am going to make it to the end of the show, but it's keeping me entertained so far!

BEN STILLER, YOU ARE AWESOME. Also, so many Hitler jokes? I am dying.

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