November 20, 2008

Writer's Workshop

I generally try not to vent on here. Maybe I should so you could all get to know me a little better, but honestly, SK is such a great sounding board that I don't usually need to. He lets me bitch and moan and grumble about anything and everything and then hugs me and tells me it's going to be ok and it's awesome because then I don't have to write here often about things that piss me off and can instead write about fun and light things like how I'd like to quit my job to sell turkey legs on the river and how my dog sometimes hates me and tries to kill me with her farts.

And it allows me to tragically abuse run-one sentences.

But this week, I need to let it out. I feel like a "freakin' one-woman circus" (name that movie) and I am ready to throw in the towel.

I need an SK hug.

So my slow descent into CrazyVille began a few months ago and will hopefully end soon and then I will be rid of it forever and ever, Amen.

What is the result of my anguish and pain, you ask? THIS. HE'S who I have been obsessing over for the past 3 months? Ugh. And boo, casting team. Boo.

**Sometimes I'm dramatic. I do what I want.

Go HERE to play and write about something that bothered you this week. Or choose another prompt. Do what YOU want.


Becky said...

I must admit that I don't recognize your obsession. LOL about the killer farts. My parents dog does that but at least he gives a warning... they are LOUD too!

Hope it felt good to vent. I love the layout and colors on your blog.

Chandra Lynn said...

Oh come on... he's a little sexy, right? Well, I think so anyway. Sorry it didn't turn out to be Hayden :( I can't wait!

Heidi Thompson said...

I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and make my decision after I see him on the big screen! How about you?!

Jen said...

sometimes you just need to vent. I did and do often.

Sorrelle said...

ok. I didn't imagine Cedric Diggory as Edward Cullen either. I likend EC to an A&F Model. I wonder how hes going to get that thick Harry Potter accent out to be all west coast.

I am boycotting Twilight because Harry Potter was atuall susposed to come out tomorrow. ha ha ha.

I am updating my blog. I just need energy. Energy to think, sort, and sift my thought.

I am out to see Quantum of Solace.

Phone Date?

Heidi Thompson said...

Soooo..... did you see it? What did you think?

Mama Kat said...

I still want to see the movie...but I know they're never as good as the books. Probably best to go in with VERY low expectations.

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