November 25, 2008

No stopping in the EZ Tag lane

Thank GOD the traffic was light this morning.

I was cruising along in the fast lane coming up on the toll booth, admittedly not really paying attention to what was going on around me because I make this drive 5 times a week at 7am and honestly I am usually still half-asleep but that's ok because I am pretty sure my car could get me to work all by itself, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this little silver car driving sideways ACROSS the lanes of traffic.

She and I were about to make a 90 degree angle with our cars. Bad news.

I don’t know what happened with her car - possibly she spun out while trying to change lanes...on the completely dry concrete? - but she flew across at least 3 lanes of traffic (all the EZ Tag lanes that are moving significantly faster that other tollway lanes) and stopped right in front of me, just short of hitting the concrete median. I saw her coming across traffic and immediately started braking and then SLAMMED on my brakes and proceeded to skid and squeal for about 40 yards until I finally stopped about a foot and a half from her car. The guys behind me were watching the whole thing and backed off when they saw I was braking hard and were in no danger of hitting me. They jumped out of their car when I stopped to make sure she and I were ok. It wasn’t until I stopped that I realized I had been holding my breath and my heart was pounding. I waved the guys by me, telling them I was fine, and they ran to her car and she rolled her window down.

Guess what?



Kate said...

Fuck HER. I hate Houston drivers so much.

Cheryl Ann said...

Thanks for the support ;) The real kicker was that she didn't even GET OFF the phone while she was staring at me, mouth hanging open, as I stopped inches from her car door like it was MY fucking fault. Wench.

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