March 19, 2008


I dare you to watch this video and not at least crack a smile.

I was randomly checking out You Tube one day and found this assortment of digital shorts created by the students of the Vancouver Film School and fell in love with all of them. This one makes me laugh so hard I have to shut my office door to watch it.

It takes me back about 5 years, sitting on the futon in our dorm room with my sorority sisters, all of us trying to cheer up my college roommate because she was having issues with her boyfriend. We talked to her, listened to her, tried to make her see that he wouldn’t be the last boy she would ever feel that way about, told her jokes, told her OUR bad boyfriend stories, and let her cry on our shoulders. Nothing worked and she ended up sobbing about the same damn boy for 3 and half years. If one of us had just farted during one of those long, long nights I wonder if her attitude would have changed.

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