October 24, 2007

Vampires, Beware!

I love the Food Network. Seriously. Love it. I watch it all the time. I watch the Food Network like most people watch the news. It IS my news. Something big happening with pumpkin recipes? I am the first to know because I am tuned in all day. Something big happening with oil prices? I probably won’t hear about that for at least a few weeks because who has time for real world news when there are so many good shows to watch on channel 231?

The only show that I can’t watch is Everyday Italian, with Giada De Laurentiis . She is way too toothy and her jaw looks like it sometimes comes unhinged, which totally creeps me out. Really girl, shut your mouth.

I especially like the challenges. Once a month or so they do a whole show on some sort of challenge—best pie, craziest birthday cake, best bbq—and one show last year was about garlic. Apparently there is a garlic festival in Gilroy, CA each year and it’s a pretty big deal. SK and I were watching the show together and we were laughing hysterically—Garlic Festival?? Gross! I like garlic, but wow. These people were getting CRAZY with the garlic, too. Even putting it in ice cream and cakes. Barf.

Anyway, we were in California this summer and were driving south from San Francisco when we hit a wall of traffic. Seriously, we were NOT moving. We were trying to make it to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I was getting really frustrated with the way the car was going nowhere. I think the words, “I
seriously better be seeing a dead body somewhere on the road up here,” actually came out of my mouth. We were with our friend, Matt, and he suddenly goes, “oh day-umm! I know why there is so much traffic. It’s Garlic Fest!”

Um, excuse me? The same Garlic Fest I laughed at a year ago? Yep. That one.

To be honest, I didn’t even know where Gilroy was in California so it had never occurred to me that we might actually see it while we were making our north to south crawl through the state. And really? They do the garlic thing EVERY YEAR?

So we FINALLY get through the traffic and see that yes, it really IS because people are crazy about getting to the festival and diving head-first into a bowl of fried garlic cloves. After an hour of sitting outside the town and being so incredibly pissed off that I was missing the aquarium because of a bunch of garlic-crazed freaks, we blew by Gilroy. I loathe Gilroy.

SK’s sister is getting married this weekend. Yay DK! There is all kinds of family coming in for the big event, and SK’s Aunt Kerry and Uncle Art are going to be staying with us. Kerry and Art are awesome. We stayed with them while we were in California (after experiencing The Traffic From Hell outside of Gilroy. Ugh, Gilroy.) and they were so great.

It is important to mention here that we arrived at Kerry and Art’s on a Thursday. Kerry had just returned from the hospital after having a heart attack on Monday. And she still hung out and made us feel completely welcome and comfortable in her home. The woman is amazing.

Kerry and Art get here tonight, so SK and I have been cleaning like mad. We usually keep our apartment pretty tidy, but it wasn’t until I went in to clean the bathroom that I realized really how untidy our place was. I apologize to all of you who have ever used my bathroom for ANYTHING in the past few months. I solemnly swear that from this day forward my bathroom will be clean and completely un-gross. I attacked it with everything I had under the sink and left it smelling like bleach and being all shiny and wonderful.

SK did the bulk of the cleaning, as he always does, and I did the bathroom and kitchen. I bought some new candles that smell like vanilla and baked apple pie, so our apartment smelled good enough to eat. The floors were sparkly and the balconies were swept and all the laundry was even done. Nothing left to do but keep it clean last night. Clean for about 6 hours.

Um, about that…

What did I, brain-child that I am, decide to make for dinner last night? GARLIC SHRIMP. I know, I know...

The meal was fantastic, but now my super clean apartment smells like freaking GILROY and all I want to do is cry.

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