September 27, 2012

Foul? What foul?

Tiny kids playing sports.  Hilarious, right?  They run the wrong way, they get distracted really easily, they cry...

Now put them in a sport that not even all of America understands and watch with glee.

4 year olds playing soccer is just as hysterical as you think it would be.  Even more so when you're mildly hungover/possibly still drunk.

Our oldest niece turned 4 this year and finally gets to play soccer in their neighborhood league.  Saul played growing up, all through college, and is still on a men's league team, so he was pretty pumped when he found out she was interested.  We've been to a few of her games and oh my god, you guys - they're awesome.

They only play with 3 girls from each team on the field at a time and the field is like, a 16th of the size of a normal field.  They pretty much disregard the end lines and there is no goal keeper.  Their coaches stand behind each goal, cheering for he girls so they run the right way.  They don't officially keep score until they're 6, but you can bet your asses Saul and I are keeping tally (Brazil - niece's team - won 13-5 their first big deal).

Some photos, for your enjoyment:

 Warming up

Go Brazil!


Making faces at the crowd

 Ready for the pass


 We need to work on her celebration...

Smiling and laughing...intimidation tactics of a 4 year old

 Take it!

Goal #2...baller.

 Uh oh...someone's getting bored...

 Playing with her shadow

The ball's right behind you!

Chatting with friends

Hot and tired


Belly laughs

 Pondering the meaning of life...

 Shadow grab!

 Water break

 Shoestring emergency!

 THIS is really what the coaches are out there for....also, snacks.

Good game, bro.

Future Hope Solo

Happy Thursday!


drollgirl said...

omg, she is SO CUTE!!!!!

normally i just cannot stand sports -- probably because i suck at all sports. but! my boyfriend has kids, and one of them is a little baseball superstar. he is 10, and he can hit like nobody's business. he is built like a mac truck, and HE CAN HIT. it is crazy seeming him get hits and home runs. he is also a pretty good pitcher.

it can be really fun to watch the kids play, particularly if it isn't super duper competitive with freaky coaches and parents losing their minds in the stands.

i was at a game a couple weekends ago, and a woman on the opposing team was AWFUL. she cheered like crazy when anyone on the opposing team made a mistake. i guess this happens a lot in adult sports, but it is just kind of shitty to expose little kids to this kind of thing. but i guess you can't completely shelter kids forever, but sometimes it seems to get a bit out of control.

omg, i could go on and on, but i'll spare ya!

Jax said...

That is beyond adorable and must be so fun to watch!! I have a coworker that watches the toddlers play soccer just to see them aimlessly chase the ball. Love it :)

Adam said...

I used to play baseball, and during my first year (I was in 1st grade at the time) I hit a ball and ran past 1st but the coaches were like "stop stay on 1st", but the other team was like "run adam run" so I did. I got out, and my coaches were like "...."

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