August 28, 2012

I recommend walking around naked in your living room

Do y'all ever get on a blast-from-the-past music kick?  Right now I am very into Alanis Morissette again.  She carried me through many an angsty pre-teen/teenage year.  I definitely listened to Jagged Little Pill on repeat and screamed those lyrics out in my car.  I totally felt them, you guys.   

God, I loved this song.

So last weekend was one of my favorites of the year.  Why, you ask?  What did you and Saul do?  To that, my friends, I answer...

Absolutely nothing.
And it was glorious.

We've had a busy/hectic/shitty year and this was a weekend where we committed to not making plans and we just stayed home.  Together.  With no one else invited.  Our roommate was even out of town.  It was kind of insane.  I loved it.

Saul started school again this week (well, last week, but he has students again as of yesterday) and we're going to Vegas this weekend for a bachelor/bachelorette party, so a weekend to be alone together and be as lazy or as spontaneous as we wanted was definitely needed.  We went out to dinner on Friday, went to our niece's first soccer game on Saturday morning (hilarious - a post coming on that, complete with pictures), and didn't leave the house after that.  Like I said, glorious.

Vegas is going to be awesome.  It's been 5 (?) years since the last time Saul and I have been and bestie Sarah is coming with so it should be an adventure, at the very least.  Saul will be there with the guys, but they're staying at a different hotel and we're only really planning on meeting up with them on Sunday for some pool action.  The girls are going to a few clubs, which isn't really my scene (give me a dive-bar and a jukebox any day of the week), but anything in the name of bachelorette debauchery, right?  Hopefully, I'll have some blog-appropriate photos to share next week...but we all know the likelihood of me actually TAKING ANY is slim - let's be honest, here.

Anyway...since I'm feeling random, I'll leave you with a few things that are pissing me off this week.  Why the hell not, right?

1. People who get onto the elevator BEFORE I've had the chance to get off.  There is a repeat offender of said grievance in my office building - homeboy does this to me at least twice a week, no exaggeration.    I could understand if he was jumping into the elevator on the 4th floor - why would he expect anyone to get off then?  We could chalk it up to an error in judgment at that point, but noooo - he's trying to get on from the 1st floor.  At all hours of the day.  Maybe at least glance into the elevator as the doors open to be sure no one is standing in there, waiting to exit, before you barrel on in, body-checking the girl inside who is half your damn size.  Fuck you, Elevator Asshole.

2. Meeting cancelers that don't offer up an alternate meeting time.  I'm busy, dude.  I don't have time to play this stupid back-and-forth scheduling game with you.  If you can't make the proposed conference time, suggest a different time/date that you're available.  No, I can't read your damn mind and no, I'm not your secretary.  Also, if you tell me you're going to "pencil me in," know that I am going to think you're "a snooty fucking bitch."
Except, I only used the quotes on that last part for continuity's sake and I legitimately think that about you.

3. People who talk on their phones in the bathroom.  I've discussed this nasty habit before, but it still just bugs the hell out of me.  Just get out of the bathroom with your conversation about your family reunion plans, PLEASE.

Here's to a quick rest of the week and a fantastically fun weekend in the city of sin!


drollgirl said...

sometimes a weekend with ZERO plans is really fun and really NECESSARY!!!

and then there are vegas-style weekends. GET READY! lololol i cannot stand the club scene, but sometimes you have to do those things for friend. if good friends and booze are involved, you will have a blast, for sure!

elevator assholes. i think there is one in every building. i am the type that presses the CLOSE elevator button real fast, as i would rather be alone than share the elevator with 20 other idiots. ugh! but i don't do that if i SEE people in close proximity to said elevator. i will wait for them.

people who talk on their phones in the bathroom are GROSS. i can't stand hearing people and their conversations. i CANNOT STAND IT. all of the idiots in the grocery store that shop while on the phone asking their sig other "do you want potatos? what about meat? what kind of meat do you want" they do this throughout the store. GET A LIFE! WHO NEEDS TO DO THAT?!?!?! everybody is always yammering on their damn phones. shup ye up! i do not want to hear it!

sorry for that long rant! lol

have a blast in vegas! i know you will!

drollgirl said...

oh. and thank you so much for your comment. :)

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