June 28, 2012

Never underestimate the importance of sunscreen

The end of June?  The hell...?  Hopefully I'm not the only one that just realized 4 weeks of summer months are long behind me.  On the other hand, that means 4 weeks of INSANELY hot temps are also far behind me.  That, I can live with.

I know I bitch about it every summer, but for the love of God - 108 degrees?  REALLY?

This month has been full - full of fun and traveling, but also full of shitty moments that I just can't really even elaborate on.  The fact that I haven't written about ANYTHING makes me sick to put it all in the same place finally, but here are the major points - if you care to hear anything more about any of the fun ones, let me know...

The fun!
Saul and I went on a cruise with my parents
We celebrated a great friend's 30th bday/housewarming/engagement (crazy weekend)
My brother found out he's going to be a dad (shocking!)

The oh-so-sucky...
Saul's grandpa (his dad's step-dad) passed away last week.  Cancer.  Very fast, very unexpected.
One of my dear, sweet friends from college was just diagnosed with cancer.  Very young, very unexpected.


It's just been a hell of year and I am so ready for my in-laws to have some kind of a break.  This month marked 3 months since Saul's dad lost his battle with cancer, and now that bastard has come back to claim another wonderful man.

I just can't...I have too many feelings about all of the cancer news.  I'm tired.

Thank the heavens it's Thursday - I need this weekend to be here NOW.


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drollgirl said...

oh girl. i am so sorry. cancer. it touches all of us sooner or later. my mom had breast cancer at 42. i have had to go in for mammograms for years -- just to be safe. i am due for one now, and i am terrified. i just hate it. i hate it i hate it i hate it. cancer is the worst.

hugs to you and i hope the weather cools down somewhat. 108 is pure bullshit. combine it with humidity and it is UNBEARABLE.

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