May 1, 2012

The fabric of our lives

So every year you're married, your wedding anniversary has a different theme.  Year 1 is paper (money?), year 50 is diamond (bling bling), yada yada yada.

Year 2?


Saul really came through on this one and is gifting me 1 year of professional maid service for the house - YIPEEE!!!  I am beyond pumped that cleaning toilets and baseboards are off my to-do list for the next 12 months. Cotton = towels.  Well played, husband...well played.

I unknowingly participated in the year 2 theme by gifting Saul a pair of tickets to a Dynamo game at the new soccer stadium downtown (tickets/paper/linen = cotton), as well as a professional massage (again - cotton = towel, as Saul pointed out).  So, go me, too.

Anniversary gift success all around.

Friday night, we'll celebrate the fact that after 2 years of marriage (5 of cohabitation), we have not killed each other and are still choosing every day to be each other's person.

May 1, 2010 I said "I do" to this dude...

...and the last 24 months have definitely been full of good times, laughs and lots of red solo cups.  We're classy.

I love you, Saul!

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