October 11, 2011

So deep in my daydreams, but it's just a sweet, sweet fantasy baby

I'm not what you would consider a "girly-girl."  I don't like pink (much), I have little to no interest in trying to keep my nail polish chip-free, and while I have branched out and I wear more dresses than I used to, it's mostly because it's hot as fucking HADES in Houston and shit needs to breathe, ifyaknowwhatimean...

Go read something else, then!

I've always been into sports and I love me some football and occasionally, I get really into it and even yell at the TV.  However, never have I ever been interested in playing Fantasy Football.

Until this year.

I didn't understand Fantasy Football - so, what?  You make a FAKE (fantasy...dur) team out of players from all the different teams and then track them to get points?  I just didn't see the point.  I'll just watch teams I like, thanks.  I don't give a shit about what that random running back, playing in the game I'm not watching, is doing right now.

Except now I totally do.  I got suckered into joining a league with some of our friends and, not gonna lie, I'm pretty into it.  I downloaded an app so I can track my player's stats and keep up with my team all weekend.  I get really excited when my guys (they are totally myyyy guys now) score points.  I can actually speak intelligently about players on other teams besides the ones I normally watch.  The flip side of that, though, is that I have become a heartless monster who gets pissed before feeling any compassion towards players on my team that get hurt.  Arian Foster has a hamstring issue?  GET YOUR ASS OF MY BENCH AND SCORE ME SOME POINTS!


So far I'm 2-3 in the league...not terrible, but not awesome considering my brother-in-law drafted his whole team based on players who had double E's in their names, and he is 1-4.  That win was not against me, though, thank God.

I'm curious - any other ladies out there gettin' down with the FF?  If you are, got any super awesome sleeper picks that can up my win quotient?!



bananas. said...

i reallyreally wanted to join this year but i'm soooo glad i didn't cuz i probably would've chose my favorite quarterback who is sidelined for life...aka the rest of the season.

my fav quarterback is peyton manning btw.

good luck with your fantasy team!

Little Ms. Fun said...

Football is one of the best parts of the Fall!! Good luck with your fantasy team. Next year we should make a blogger league and all go against each other. lol I love fantasy teams. I get so happy when I win..especially when I beat the boys. lol

Annabelle said...

My love of football + my love of my smart
phone = my husband begging me to not join a fantasy football league.

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