May 13, 2011

Wedding Recap - Ceremony and Reception

Really, the whole time we were planning the wedding (I say 'whole time' like we planned forever...), I think Saul and I maybe had 1 conversation about the actual ceremony. We pretty much just wanted someone to say, "do you? do you? MAKE OUT." Aaaaand then we wanted to go party balls with our friends.

Saul's dad is a Lutheran Pastor and has presided over the weddings of both Saul's brother and sister. Saul decided immediately that he didn't want his dad to marry us - "I want him to just be able to hang out and not do any work at one of kid's weddings," was the reasoning. So we had Saul's dad's friend marry us instead. He didn't make us do any pre-wedding counseling, no weird handouts to fill out, no uncomfortable meetings. He did ask that we get together at least once to go over our vows, and when we arrived at his house he immediately offered us wine. Awesome.

We talked about the normal stuff, and it went pretty quickly since both Saul and I knew we wanted a super short ceremony. The only thing I had an opinion on was that I didn't want a unity candle, nor did I want the word "obey" used in our vows. Other than that, though, we told him to do his thing.

Oh, and DO HIS THING, he did...

Let's just say that he spoke of poop, and near-death experiences, and oh yeah - did I mention the poop?? Yeah. Poop was brought up at my wedding. BY THE GUY MARRYING US. Bizarre doesn't even come close to describing it, but by the time he wrapped it up (surprisingly neatly) and pronounced Saul and I husband and wife, we were cracking the hell up. One year later, and people STILL talk to us about our actual wedding ceremony, which is not something I can say for every wedding I've attended.

We sent our guests off to go get beer and food while we took a few pictures, and then we were introduced for the first time. As "Sal and Cheryl Kxxxx!" Yeah - SAL. Sigh... All of Saul's fraternity brothers gave him shit for the rest of the night - "hey SAL - go get me a beer!"

The reception was a blast - we danced, we played flip-cup and beer pong, and I even got so classy as to do a keg stand ;) Really, it was the best party Saul and I have ever thrown.

He wore a Hawaiian shirt and spoke of messy things...

Mr. and Mrs.

SAL and Cheryl!

I should have kissed the bride...

And that, as they say, is what friends are for!

Up next...the music!

Recap 1

*I know this is taking me forever to get done, but it's my wedding and I will savor it for as long as I'd like, ya hear?!

**Also, F you, Blogger.


bananas. said...

sounds like a blast! i usually hate the ceremony portion of weddings but i know firsthand how the person marrying the couple can make it much more entertaining.

ps. you look gorgeous! did you add that one sided sash thingamajig to your dress or did it come like that? i love it!

pps. keg stand...hells to the yes!!! you're my kind of girl.

drollgirl said...

well that sounds like my kind of wedding! who needs to serious and stodgy type of wedding?!

and you sure look beautiful!!!

melifaif said...

Wow, so this all just happened! Congrats newlywed....after seeing this. I am positive we ALL would get along. You are gorgeous....

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