April 7, 2011

Weekend adventures

Because apparently I'm 5, all I've wanted to do for the last few weeks is take a Saturday and go to the damn zoo. I honestly don't know what sparked this little flame deep within, but seriously y'all - I have been straight up pouting little kid-style when something has happened to F up my zoo day plans!

Finally, last Saturday, we made it downtown and I got my lion/rhino/motherf'ing HUGE longhorn fix.

And it was glorious.

Some photos, for your vicarious zoo day enjoyment...


I like turtles.

These suckers smelled like fish...it was pretty gross.

Most hilarious moment of the day...everyone who walked by thought homeboy wasn't just napping, but straight up dead. It wasn't until we all watched his tiny chest rise and fall, that people started cracking up and the "must've been a long night!" jokes started flying.
I thought he looked quite like Saul when he passes out at home...

This rhino was on crack. Dude was racing around his little area, messing with the giant antelope things that were unfortunate enough to be cohabiting. It was awesome, and I got some video, but apparently when taking video on an iPhone, one must turn the camera sideways to get it to arrange itself correctly in iMovie...? Watching the video with a tilted head is not fun.

Grubbin' on cherry tomatoes.


Baby giraffe!!! I wish I had gotten a good picture of this guy standing next to another giraffe because it is really impossible to express just how small and fragile he looked compared to the others. Adorable.

Another baby animal. Oh my god, I about died. I literally squealed, "a baby elephaaaant!!!" when we got to them. I was embarrassed for 2.5 seconds and then got over myself and seriously could have sat in front of this little guy all day long, watching him, and been totally happy. Baby animals kill me. I want to take them all home.

The only disappointment that day was realizing the Houston zoo doesn't have penguins. Really, Houston? Really? What kind of a zoo doesn't have penguins?!? Grumble.

If you live in Houston and haven't been to the zoo, I totally recommend it. It was really pretty and the animals were awesome and, other than the parking which is seriously insane (I mean like, worse than the Galleria at Christmas...no joke), it was a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon.

Also, Herman Park? Gorg. Why do we not go down there more often??

Happy Thursday, all!


Chandra Lynn said...

Talk about timing - I'm taking Monday off and we are taking Luke to the zoo! And of course riding the CHOO! CHOO! TRAIN!! at Hermann Park. I can't wait. No work on Monday AND a day with my boys. Le smile :)

melifaif said...

I've been aching for the zoo too. You may have just talked me into a Sunday visit. Choo-choo. The train is a must do everytime we visit. Thanks for the inspiration. Good pics....

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