April 19, 2011

Me Talk Pretty One day

If you've never read anything by David Sedaris, I suggest you go do so immediately. He's hilarious! He's called a "humorist," which I guess is the comedic stand-up equivalent of a writer (?), but whatever the title, dude is mother effing funny.

I've read a bunch of his books:

He's going to be at Jones Hall downtown tonight, reading some of his new stuff. Saul bought tickets for my birthday, so we're headed out after work.

I've never been to a reading before, but in my mind it's similar to story-time in kindergarten, which I totally dug, but with wine. Yay!

In other news, yes, yes - my birthday is just 11 days away. April 30th, baby! I can't believe I've forgotten to mention that before now. It's been a crazy month.

Happy Tuesday!


drollgirl said...

long live david sedaris!

i am going to see him next week. he is a scream. this will be the second time i have seen him in person. his books are hilarious, and seeing/hearing him read them is the best.

bananas. said...

that sounds awesome!!!! what a fabulous gift!

never heard of the guy but he sounds semi-funny and wine always makes everything funnier so yea...win, win! enjoy!!!

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