December 16, 2010

The last 3 weeks... more pictures than words.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we went to a wedding...

...and saw lots of good friends...

...and I got a little violent.

The bride and groom were married on the beach (by the tallest man alive), and my handsome husband stood by one of his best friends on his special day.

Also, Billy Ray Cyrus was there to strum a few tunes.

Contrary to the look on his face in this photo, the reception was a blast.

The groom was pretty stoked to be there.

We got progressively MORE stoked as the night went on...and the booze kept flowin'.

About a week after that, I painted a picture.

This was the finished product. This creation came about with the help of a lot of wine.
Painting With a Twist... look it up!

Last weekend, a few of my favorite people came into town.

We busted a flow with some random dudes at the bar.

And Saul photobombed the shit out of some pictures.

I thought Phil's purple purse was pretty sweet.

And we fell in love all over again.

Drinking the next morning sounded like a fabulous idea!

As did washers in the backyard.
The sky seriously looks like something out of The Simpsons.
Gorgeous day.

This is my last photo from that day. I don't remember taking it. It was at 4:32. We were up until at least 10pm.

Bad news.

**Also, Saul doesn't sag his pants like that. I did not marry a douchey poser.

Coming soon - Christmas decor!


bananas. said...

saul's faces crack me up! but wait holy shit that is the tallest man alive!!! what the?!!

i love your thanksgiving weekend. no like i really love it. you do weekends like i do weekends, which in my opinion is more reason to blog. yes people like alcohol filled weekends, it's true.

finally, i friggen love your painting. you're gooood!!!

Melisa said...

sweet mullet bro!

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