December 22, 2010

Deck 'em

And finally, since I know you've all been anxiously awaiting this post (heh)... how I decked the shit out of the house.

Otherwise titled:
"Welcome to our crib. Don't knock my decor, bitches."

Le cafe table
(that's Francois for coffee table, dur)

The mantle.
Also, our giant TV.

Hello, Knight. Aren't we festive!

A random corner.
The green stuff smells FAB.

Other side of the fireplace.

Entry way table.
Look - it's the picture I painted while drunk!

Yeah, I totally embroidered our names on our stockings last year.
I got mad skills with a big ass needle and thick thread!

Sparkly dudes hanging from the kitchen chandelier.

Last, since I don't have a picture of the living room tree, here is our tree in the front room. It fits perfectly in the bay window. It's fake and colorful and I love it. It's the first tree Saul and I bought together and I am fairly certain it is going to go out any day now, considering we leave it on all day and night. Fire hazard, what?

OMG 3 days!

1 comment:

bananas. said...

look at you with your christmas spirit. i knew you had it in you ;)

hope your holiday was splendid!

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