June 14, 2010

Binge and Purge

That is what I feel like with regard to our house right now. We received so many amazing gifts for the wedding - UPS had our house address memorized - and we have a whole bedroom full of appliances and dishes and towels and sheets. A gift binge, if you will. In order to do organize and put them all away, we need to get down to business and purge our home of all the now unnecessary stuff. BFF Chandra and I have decided that we will have a joint garage sale on July 10/11 to get all the junk out.

So, feeling weirdly motivated yesterday, I got to work. Where did I start, you ask? Our master bedroom closet.

Huh? Because clearly the new blender and wine glasses and dishes will find a home there! Right...

In all fairness, our closet was a WRECK. The last time I even kinda went through my clothes to get rid of any of them was over 3 years ago, when SK and I first moved in together. I had shoes in there I have never worn - hiking boots? Pretty sure I didn't buy those for myself because A) they were fugly and also B) I don't fucking hike. I had clothes in there that I hadn't worn since 2004 that soooo don't fit me anymore, so out those went as well. I now have a whole half of one of our guest closets full of hanging clothes to be sold and bags of jeans, skirts and shoes to put out. I got rid of purses and belts and scarves, too. Anything we don't sell will be handed over to Goodwill or the Purple Heart.

I should have taken before and after photos, but really, do you care that much about what my closet looks like? There is nothing cute about it, nothing unique or boutiquey, but now it's CLEAN and ORGANIZED and SK about fainted when he walked into the room yesterday afternoon and declared that were we not already married, he would have proposed to me on the spot.

Besides, now that I have some empty hangers, I can start filling them in with these little gems:

all clothes via Forever21

My whole family is going to California next week (yeee!!!) and I am rationalizing that I need some new stuff for the trip. Not a ton, just some cute tops and possibly a dress or 2. Also, a new hoodie, which, OHMYGOD, a hoodie in June?! I am freaking out and am so so so in love with the central coast it's retarded.


Cassiopeia said...

First things first I always say!

Have a nice trip.

Eclipsed said...

I always feel so much less frazzled when my closets are cleaned out. It's a start right? Love that yellow dress.

Heidi Thompson said...

We are headed to the Central Coast too.

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