June 15, 2010

After all, I DID get rid of the hiking boots

Like I mentioned here, I cleaned out my side of the closet on Sunday. SK still needs to work on his, but being that he has nothing to do for the next 8 weeks but watch 3 World Cup games a day, I am confident he will get it done before July 10.

Before Sunday, my side of the closet was terrible - a horrid mess of too-small, t00-old clothes and shoes that were literally collecting dust on the floor because when was the last time I wore them? Right - never. So I tossed at least 8 pairs of zapatos into the garage sale pile and now my side of the closet floor is open and clean and organized.

And distractingly bare.

I went into the closet this morning to get ready for work and my eyes immediately were drawn to the wide expanse of open, empty floor. If you know me, you know that (much to SK's chagrin) I haaaaate white space. I hate big open areas. I have this crazy desire to fill space and add STUFF in. It's an urge I am trying to curb, which is why I cleaned the closet so thoroughly and why I am focused on a bedroom redo next.


Some new shoes to take up a little room on the empty floor couldn't hurt, right?

I love these! I am 5'2" and SK is 5'8" so we are not a tall people and I rarely wear heels when we go out, but I have been searching for a great pair of nude platform heels for a loooong time and I am kind of obsessed with these.

These too. They look a little more white than I would like, but I am guessing they would be more nude in person. I love peep-toes.

Oh dear. I seriously need these. The heel doesn't look too tall, and I could totally wear them with shorts and a cute top. They look nothing like any shoes currently in my closet, which means I NEED THEM.

Ok, so I mentioned above that I am height-challenged. I know I should probably wear something with a little bit of a heel to lengthen my legs and whatever, but I am so into flat shoes, it's ridiculous. I love them. Also, I love green, so there ya go.

These looked like a cute idea when I saw them initially, but blown up huge like this, I might be reconsidering... Even though I don't own any, I am kind of obsessed with cowboy boots.

I wonder how much SK would freak the F out if I brought any of these home... I think I might test him ;)

all shoes from Aldo or Forever21

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