May 14, 2010

Friday, I'm in Love

Summer, at B is for Brown does this cute post each Friday highlighting all the things she is in love with at the moment. I've recently started reading her blog and I adore it! She writes about life as a southern girl (Louisiana) living in New York with her sweet husband and cats. She is candid about her life, and while it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, she finds the good in every situation and I never click away from her blog with a frown. Go check her out and give her some love!

So it's Fridaaaaay....YAY!

To say this has been a long week is the understatement of the year. Why is coming back from a vacation always so so hard? I can understand needing a week to recover from your week away if you partied balls while gone, but really, we didn't. Oh, trust that we drank it up and went to bed exhausted each night, but we slept in each morning and lounged on the beach each day, ate well each meal, and...


So pretty much I have been living for the 6pm hour, when I walk into my house and am greeted by my dog, begging for her dinner, tail wagging so furiously it seems as if her butt might actually disconnect from her body. A kiss first goes to SK, who is usually sprawled out on the couch, waiting for me and for our evening to begin.

"Hello, Husband."
"Hello, Wife."

It sounds lame, and I never thought I would be the girl to care, but I giggle every time he calls me that.

I am so in love with being married, it's stupid.

1 comment:

Melody said...

Congratulations, Cheryl. You look radiant, gorgeous, and beyond happy. Have fun, little wifey. :)

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