May 13, 2010


...of being anywhere but here, right now.

I'm back, married, and TAN. Do you know how depressing it is, then, to have to sit in my office every day for 10 hours, watching that sweet brown fade from my arms? Torturous!

SK and I have had a hell of month - it's been FANTASTIC! Started it off by gettin' hitched on the 1st, then jetted to Cancun for 6 days on the 3rd. Now we're back in Houston, me trying to get adjusted to work again, him trying to wrap up his semester and get ready for (seriously?) his yearly 3-month long vacation.

Is it bad, 12 days in, to say you sometimes hate your husband? Because sometimes I hate my husband.


Holy shit, that's weird. Weird to say, weird to write, weird to see in print.

I am a wife.


If we're friends on FB, you've likely seen some of the photos of the wedding, but I am working on a post to get them up here. In the meantime, gaze upon these beauties...because I have been, pretty much since we got home on Sunday, cursing the world and wishing I could be back on a beach, with my toes in the water and ass in the sand...

**all images via Google**

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