December 20, 2007

Babies Babies Babies

So it totally feels like everyone I know is having a kid or thinking about having a kid. I am suddenly surrounded by big-bellied women and teeny-tiny hats and socks. It’s scary.

And while many of those soon-to-be parents are good friends, I don’t yet feel a real connection with the tiny little person any of them are bringing forth into the world. Maybe it’s because I haven’t met said tiny people, or seen enough pictures to actually be able to tell any of them apart from one another, but whatever the case may be, I’m just not THERE yet with them.

Until Bradly. Other than a camera phone picture, I have not even seen this baby girl yet and I am blown away. Enamored, even.

Kaci Marie (Herion) Duke delivered Bradly Dawn at 6:14am on December 20. She is 6 lbs 5.5 oz, and 20 inches long. She is the first newborn baby I have ever seen that looks like a sweet BABY and not some weird-shaped bruised alien THING. She’s really damn cute.

Kaci is Chandra’s baby sister and to see her with a baby of her own just about knocks me on my ass. I met Kaci when she was in 9th grade. 9th grade!!! We’ve had slumber parties at the Herion house, she has been doing my hair since the days we will lovingly refer to as the “shakira roots incident,” and we’ve laughed A LOT. She’s always done her own thing and walked her own path and has constantly inspired me to try new things and not go with the flow just because it’s the flow. I am so so impressed with the woman she has grown up to be.

Welcome to the world, Baby Bradly! Follow in your mama’s fabulous footsteps and you’ll do just fine ;)

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