June 6, 2007

Dances like a madman

If you know me, you know I am a HUGE fan of live music. I'll listen to anything if you give it to me live. Live is where it matters most. Artists have nothing to hide behind when they're on a stage in front of their fans. Unless they fake it and lip synch their stuff, what you're seeing and hearing them do is real and pure. Don't trust a CD to show you what a singer can really do--get out and experience it all first hand!

Living near Austin and in a city as big as Houston, there is plenty of opportunity to check out live shows. If I tried hard enough (and had the funds) I could probably see a new group play every single night of the week. While I am always happy to tell friends about the awesome new talent I just found out about, the one discovery I am most excited to share with the world is Ghostland Observatory. Check them out here:

Ghostland Observatory

My good friend Niki took me to a Ghostland show at Emo's in Austin last year on my birthday. It was amazing. I really don't know how else to describe it. I have never been to a live show where the band played with so much energy and were so astonishingly AWESOME on stage. I've rocked out to Aerosmith, danced my ass off at Dave, and swayed with the masses at Incubus; never once was I stunned like I was at Emo's that night. See them. Trust me. You won't believe until you do.

Pictures from the most recent show in Houston at Warehouse Live (5/18/2007). All photos taken with my Motoroloa Slvr. Be nice.

Aaron Behrens,
singer/guitar/dancer of the year

Starting to get his groove on...first song of the night

"Now I need you to want me, to hold me, to tell me the truth"

Aaron and Thomas, rocking out.
Yes, Thomas is wearing a CAPE.

Love this picture

Yes, those are braids you see

Usually we're in the front row...this time we decided to let other people get closer and check it out ;)

What's that, you ask? Oh yes, he's holding a sombrero.

Wearing the sombrero he took from some girl. Really? Who wears a sombrero to Ghostland?

Thomas on the synthesizer

The end.

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karen said...

i have a band for you-- MuteMath (theyre coming in nov)
lets go!

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