January 6, 2012

Run, run, run, run...Girl's gonna run

So I know I said I would be writing about our trip way the hell up north to MN for NYE, but I also mentioned a certain goal I was working toward and kind of left it at that.  Am I the only one who gets irritated when people mention stuff and say they'll tell you later, and then never do?  Maybe I just have more nosy bones than your average bear in my body, but it drives me fucking bonkers!  Even if the news isn't all that ground-breaking, you said you'd bring it back up, so BRING IT BACK UP.

With that, my news isn't super amazeballs or anything, but it's a huge deal for me and I know that putting it out on the blog will only motivate me further, so here goes...

I have officially signed up for my first half marathon!


Right.  So I know it's a half, but good Lord, that's about 10 miles further than I had ever run (until last month), and I am pumped/terrified.  I know I can do it.  I have been training since Thanksgiving, although I will admit to using the term "training" pretty loosely up to this week.  I really was just focusing on building my fitness up and figuring out what kind of pace I was really comfortable with.


That's not entirely true, but I am rocking out comfortable 11 minute miles right now when I would really like to be closer to the 9 or 10 minute range, which I can do when running shorter distances, but it's all about finishing for me on this first one.  It's about saying I did it.  And it's about getting motivated to do more and eventually do a full marathon (I have my eye on the DisneyWorld Marathon in 2013 for my 30th...).  I was hooked on 5Ks after running my first one in 2010 and I know that this is just the next step in continuing to build my love for running.

Also, I am hoping to repair some of the damage I've done to this body of mine over the last few years.  If you've read a while, you might remember the "Think Thin Thursday" blogs.  Those were used to keep me motivated to lose weight for a trip to Mexico and then in 2011 I straight up jumped off and then blew up that wagon.  I've GOT to get my body back in the shape it's meant to be in...no more laziness for this chick.

I feel like it's important for me to emphasize that I'm not doing the half JUST to lose weight, though.  I really want to knock this accomplishment off my list, and if I lose a few pounds while doing it, that would be awesome.  

...I don't know why I felt that was so important to emphasize, but there ya go.

The race is March 3 (The Woodlands Marathon) and I have a few other friends running the full that day, but I am pretty much running the half on my own, which suits me just fine.  I have been training alone so I am used to it.  Any tips to offer?  I am building my milage and tomorrow is my first 5 mile run.  My training program takes me up to 10 miles, which kind of freaks me out because HELLO - there are still another 3 to finish (!!), but I did a lot of research before choosing this program.  I still know literally nothing about GUs or sport beans or anything like that.  My goal is to finish, and if that means I have to crawl my ragged ass across that finish line then damnit, that's what I'll do!



Little Ms. Fun said...

That's amazing!! Congrats girl. Running 10 miles is a HUGE deal. I know that my little legs couldn't bring me that far. Good luck :)

bananas. said...

oh you can do it. when i trained for my first race, i initially signed up for a half and quickly changed to a full when i reached 10 miles with all the other marathon trainees.

based on my experience (this is coming from someone who ran at most 4 miles one time before signing up for my first half and at that time i had no idea what i was doing), i think anyone can train for a half in 1.5 months. seriously! so yea...you can do it! good luck! and get good shoes!!

drollgirl said...

DDDDDUDE. YOU ARE IN AWESOME SHAPE. a half marathon?!?! holy hell, no fucking way -- not for this chick! i might MIGHT be able to walk a 1/2 marathon. what a slog! i might be about to run around a city block at this point. clearly i need to work out more and harder!!!! yeesh! you got me beat by miles (literallY)!

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