December 7, 2011

Christmas wishes

Answering the "what do you want for Christmas" question is always hard for me.  It didn't used to be - if you'd asked me 6 or 7 years ago, I'd have given you a laminated list.  In recent years, though, I've realized that if I want something I can just go out and buy it myself - so let's be clear that it's not for lack of wanting things - I'm just pretty impatient that way.  Come December, there isn't a whole lot on my wish list that I don't already have.

When in doubt, buy me alcohol.

Saul's mom asked me what I wanted this year, though, and told me I couldn't say NOTHING, so here are a few things I have seen that I wouldn't be angry about receiving...

Top row:  Rhino Mount - ZGallerie.  Sequin Top - Forever21.  Magenta Dress -
Middle Row: Bedding - Anthropologie.  Faux Leopard Coat -  Silk Sparrow Tank - Forever21.
Bottom Row: Dip Dye Sweatshirt  - Urban Outfitters.  Riding Boot - Urban Outfitters.  Gold Dress -  Leopard Heels - Forever21.

Saul says he knows what he's getting me and I know what I'm getting him (even though he already knows...I'll have details soon), so Christmas this year will be fun ;)

Also, in the spirit of the day - a little story:

My dad is Japanese.  My mother's family is not.  My mom's dad would jokingly (well, kind of) not allow my dad in his house on December 6th - Pearl Harbor Day.  Playful racism at it's finest, Ganddad!

Happy Hump Day!


Little Ms. Fun said...

Love the leopard pumps! Girl, those are hot. Hopefully she opts for those :P

bananas. said...

playful racism is a common at the farley house (aka my house). but hey that's what happens when races mix and fall in love.

in other news, that gold dress is mighty snazzy. i wouldn't mind seeing you dolled up in that and then later letting me borrow it.

Pop Champagne said...

ohh those leopard pumps are so cute! great picks!

melifaif said...

Loving that rhino, sequin top and those heels. MEOW!!!! Too funny about the Jap refusal with old Gramps! :)

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