March 3, 2011

I have been sucked in

Wondering where I've been lately? Possibly missin' you a little daily Cheryl internet action?

(Ok, that sounded dirty and I really didn't mean for it to....)

Well kids, fret not - I am definitely still alive. We went out to dinner for Saul's birthday, I've been running, going to work...the usual.

I have, however, become one of THOSE PEOPLE. You guys, I never thought I would be this person, but I soooo am...

...I am officially addicted to my iPhone.

(God, that sounds so frickin queer)

I am obsessed. Saul and I bought the 4's for each other in January, when he was ready to throw his iPhone 3 out the window because it was running so dang slow. He ran a software update and lots of other boring tecchie stuff later his phone had just about had it. As in, it was taking somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 minutes to send a text message and his head pretty much exploded every time he tried to open an app.

I'd held out on the iPhone thing for a long time because, I reasoned, I sit at a computer all day, and then have my laptop at home at night. I couldn't imagine situations where I would need to kill time playing a game. then I played the games.

I found myself regularly stealing Saul's phone in the evenings and playing DoodleJump or PocketGod. He would sigh, shake his head, and tell me to get my own damn phone before snatching it away from me. I would tell him I just wanted to play for a few minutes...I didn't need my own phone for that - I could just use his.

When I started asking him to download apps for me, he kind of drew the line. He downloaded a few when I asked, and he even downloaded a Twilight game without me asking because he knew I would like it (the game sucked, FYI - got deleted the next day), but when I started making lists of stuff I wanted to play, he shut me down.

So now I have my own iPhone and oh my god, I get it. It's awesome. I loooove the camera. I use it all the time. And the games....ooooohhh....I love the games!

A few favorites...

Angry Birds.
Duh - this is like, a standard. I also bought Angry Birds Seasons, because I just needed more.

Mega Jump.
This is like DoodleJump, but brighter and more insane. I love it.

Tiny Wings.
My newest game. I have played this for like, 2 hours already.

Robot Unicorn Attack!
This is originally from Adult Swim...? It's ridiculous. Also, the soundtrack is heavy metal, which is just even MORE ridiculous.

If you don't have an iPhone, you don't understand. I know. I used to be one of you. But now, I am converted and will forever be a faithful follower.

iPhone, I love you!


drollgirl said...

the iphone is rad! i got mine last summer and i am SO ADDICTED TO IT! but i don't play any of these games. maybe i should? i love scrabble, so that is pretty much the only game i play on my phone. yes, i am old and nerdy. lol

bananas. said...

i am OBSESSED with my iphone...but not because of the games. i actually only have one game installed and that's solitaire. i used to be addicted to angry birds on my droid. i almost beat the thing before i dropped my phone, had to get a new one and start all over again. so now i'm over it.

melifaif said...

LOL! Okay that frisky lil lady who commented above me is the reason I am here. I am your newest follower. And while I am not an iphone whore like yourself or bananas....excuse me....I really don't know you - I should NOT be calling you a whore. But, your comment about Nate Dogg is what brought me here, so I am assuming it is acceptable to call you a whore?!...or NOT!? I am really silly in case you could not tell...and....I am in Houston too. Wadddup!!!!

drollgirl said...

hey you. thanks for your sweet message.

and your baby is young young young! you have many years left to enjoy her. give her lots of good lovin'! :)

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