November 2, 2009

Made my Monday

Today, this week, and the month of November got off to a rocky start as this morning, while cruising the Beltway on the way to work, I got pulled over and ticketed for my expired registration. Annoying, but also 100% my fault, so whatevs. To the courthouse I go, to pay the increased fine for being caught. Boo.

I was unexpectedly snapped out of my funk about a half an hour ago, though. I work on the same floor as a general practitioner's office so there are always random people wandering around our halls. I was headed back to my office and was caught behind an elderly couple, shuffling their way to the dr's office. They were cute, and walked next to each other, chatting about what to do with the rest of their day. The woman stopped in front of my office door and read the sign, mistaking it for the door she needed to go into to. I stopped a few feet back, thinking they hadn't noticed me, and waited for them to realize they were at the wrong door, planning on saying something in a few seconds.

Before I could get anything out, though, the man swatted her on the booty and said, "Helen, wrong door. Now you're making this young lady wait!"

Helen giggled. GIGGLED, y'all. She then took his hand and smiled at me. The man looked back at me and winked.

I about died from the cuteness.

Totally, totally made my Monday.

1 comment:

sorrelle said...

That makes my month. The perfect example of what a love cultivated can grow into.

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