April 27, 2009

So a-PEEL-ing

This week is a big one, folks. Lots of stuff going on, lots of events to attend and lots of people to see. Also, lots of candles to blow out.

I turn 26 on Thursday!

This is a weird birthday for me - not because of the age or anything, but because I haven't been hyping the day up this year. Usually, I start celebrating my birthday on April 1. That's right. I give myself a MONTH. What? You're just jealous you didn't think to do that until now.

This year, though, I have been busy with other stuff and this week just kind of crept up on me. I have been working on stuff for S & D's wedding, mostly. SK and I hosted a Stock the Bar party for them on Saturday. 60 or so people came over to drink beer and margaritas and play washers by the pool. It was a great evening and a sneak peek at how awesome that wedding is going to be.

In preparation of the party, I started tanning. I had grand plans to wear a bright colored sundress and look totally cute. Too bad the first time I plopped down in the bed was the first time my body had seen any sun (real or artificial) in about 6 months. Too bad I stayed in the bed WAY longer than I should have. Too bad I got SO burned that my skin was peeling off in sheets by Saturday morning. I spent Saturday night in shorts and a shirt with some sleeves, because really, no one needed to see the mess that once dreamt of being a smooth bronzed back. Sigh.

We're having SK's family over on Tuesday night to eat pizza and watch the Astro's game on our new TV. Oh right - did I mention that we bought a 54" flat screen? We went into Best Buy for a vacuum and came out with a home theater setup. And no vacuum. We totally have our priorities in order.

Friday night we're going to Dave Matthews with Deborah and Wil. I AM SO PUMPED! It's been 2 years since I have seen them live and I can't wait. I am going to buy their new album this week and memorize all of it. I have a feeling they'll be playing a lot of the new one, as it is kind of a tribute to their saxophonist, who passed away after only being able to record a few tracks. Also, I will be buying a shirt. Concert tshirts make me happy.

Saturday my parents get home from Singapore, and after we pick them up from the airport, we're going to meet up with some friends and celebrate my bday. At a local bowling alley. Because I'm 9. The bday this year is going to be low-key - pizza, beer, bowling, movies at home. No grand plans, no big fanfare. I have been telling everyone I am gearing up for 30. 4 years of restful birthdays to prepare for a huge blowout in 2013. PUT YOUR PARTY PANTS ON!!!

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Chandra Lynn said...

Glad to have you back in blog-land. Hubby and I are totally in for Saturday night bowling, although I will probably just be the team cheerleader on the sidelines ;)

Happy early birthday!!

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