February 5, 2009

Where is the (comment) love?

I am going through comment withdrawal. For a while there, I had a pretty solid rhythm going - publish a post, a few people read the blog, I check back obsessively and be THRILLED when I see comments on said post, then post again.

My last 4 or 5...nothin'. I am bummed. Where did you guys go? Please come back. I have cookies...

I am kind of a crappy commenter myself, though. I am more of a "lurker," and get so wrapped up in clicking from blog to blog, I completely forget to take the time to comment on anything. I need to get better at actually saying something thoughtful when I stop by someone's place and read a while. I promise to try and get better at that.

On top of the commentless posts, I woke up sick today. Feels like I got hit by a bus, sick. I came home early from work, which never happens (seriously - I have worked through severe strep throat before...you're welcome, office mates), but even my boss told me I looked like shit. I'll thank him for that next time I see him. With a round-house kick to the FACE.

So I came home and laid on the couch all afternoon, getting up once to participate in a scheduled conference call with a high-maintenance client. Something told me an e-mail to her at noon saying, "sorry, can we reschedule? I have the sniffles," wouldn't have gone over well. Actually, an e-mail at noon saying, "sorry, can we reschedule? I'm actually dead," wouldn't have swayed her either. So I made it to the call, spouted off a few intelligent things (and a few unintelligible things I'm sure, as I was a little high on cold medicine by then) and then crashed back into the sofa.

The whole afternoon, Bella paced anxiously by the open back door, barking ferociously at everything on the other side of the backyard fence. She also kept coming over and would put her cold nose on my hot forehead and lick my cheeks before laying down on the rug right in front of me. This isn't normal behavior for her, so I am going to assume she was being protective because she knew I felt bad and SK wasn't home.

I have migrated to the bedroom, and am now lying under covers, shivering and trying to find a comfortable position to lie in. Really, I hate being sick.

I'll be back in a few days, when this has blown over. Cough cough. See you soon, internets. Is anyone out there?


Sorrelle said...

Poor baby! I don't comment I text you. Ha ha. Hope you feel better soon. Watch movies and sleep. Get some zicam it ALWAYS cuts my sickness. Also, oscillium, or something like that always cures my flu. Love ya. Get well. Your readers are still here funny one. Hi SK happy 30th year. Nice hair too!

Chicken soup love from CA,

Shalee- Be Speechless said...

I have the same issues with lurking and just clicking from blog to blog to catch up on the people I follow, that I forget to comment. But even if i don't comment everytime know that i always read your posts.

My dog is like that when I am sick too. He just wants to be close to me. Dogs are amazing at sensing stuff like that.

Get better soon.
As a follower or lurker... i always read your blog. Sorry I dont comment more.

SuZ said...


Did you say cookies?

I'm sorry! I'm still here, I promise!!!

Hope you feel better!

Kate said...

I'm a big, fat lurker, too. There is something going around Houston, for sure. I've been sick, my kid, my husband, the entire office. Yuck.

EMILY S CRAWFORD, photographer. said...

Where's the love??!! HERE'S the love!!! Love and miss you!! :)

Now suck it up. ha ha....(just kidding, I feel your pain) :)

Heidi Thompson said...

Still here! Love your funny posts. I just saw a "wanted" picture of you at Stater Bros. the other day and thought, "You know... I should really comment on her blog!"

Get well soon!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I'm still here! Just feeling absurdly craptastic lately and haven't had much to contribute to the conversation. But I'm reading nonetheless!

Sorry to hear you're feeling awful. Hope you feel better soon.

BTW...I am FINALLY getting around to answering those questions you guys asked me WAY BACK on December 30th. Part 1 is up today and Part 2 and 3 will be up tomorrow and Monday.

Oh....I'm also having a contest for a $250 Target gift card! It's easy peasy, come check it out!

KAREN! said...

im here too! man, i remember the halcyon days of being a regular blog-reader...and now it's like every couple months when it's either late at night, i'm avoiding work, or i actually have a free second (oh wait, that never happens!)
and then i check up on all my blogs. i miss you and love you dear and here's your COMMENT LOVE!

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