October 21, 2008

Thanks for noticing

Some of you might have noticed my blog was down over the weekend--thanks for the texts; made me feel important. If not, then you suck yeah, it was down over the weekend.

Because I'm an idiot.

SK teaches high school. His kids are effing nosy. They thought it would be fun to Google his name and see what they could find. Guess what they found?

The first organic Google response when you typed SK's name into the Google bar routed you to this blog. Because a year ago I wrote a gushy post about how we met and our first date and I used his full name. Yaaaay me.

So I had to delete the post so that Google would see it was gone, and then go through and change his name in every post I mentioned it. Which was a lot. Like, almost every single one. Arg.

I hate high schoolers.


Melody said...

Haha- man, that sucks. Stupid high schoolers!! Glad to see you're back! =)

Heidi Thompson said...

That's funny. Sucks, but funny! So, how did you find out that they had been to your blog?

They probably like him and wanted to pry into his personal life. I think I would too if I were them!

Chandra Lynn said...

Glad you're back lady. Now my daily routine of blog surfing can get back to normal... ;) mwah!

Alecia said...

Those pesky little turkeys! You might wanna watch out though - it could be some girls who wanna shag your mister rotten.

If we had the internet back in high school, Kathy (Mama Kat) would have googled Mr. Taylor just to get his personal info so she could start stalking him. She loved her some Mr. Taylor.

Your blog is hysterical - I'll totally be back!

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