July 11, 2007

Our little Belladonna

Sunday I brought home Belladonna, the 12 week-old Labrador Retriever. She's completely black (which leads me and her vet to believe that she really is pure-bred) and she weighs 18lbs. Her feet are pretty huge--they cover the palm of my hand--and she's probably going top reach around 70-90lbs when full grown. Welcome to the apartment, Bella!

She sleeps in a kennel in the extra bedroom. SK and I are both against having her sleep in/on our bed with us. While it would be cute now, she is going to be HUGE someday and we're not all about having to share our bed with someone else. She hasn't cried at night yet, although she cries every morning when I leave for work. SK is currently in Canada with his dad on a fishing trip, so he hasn't even seen her yet! He did give me the OK to get her though, so I know he will love her. I mean really, who couldn't?

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Liz Casstro said...

Congrats on the new puppy dog! We want a big dog, but I think we will have our hands full enough with our little dog and a baby for a while! We love our little Becks though. He does sleep in the bed with us, at my feet, until Andres kicks him off to give me more room. It's cute and dogs are fun, the house wouldn't be the same without him!

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